Beet gin

This week's gin comes from the Mix Mann, you can follow him on instagram at @mixmann. While the beets weren't infused directly into the gin, there was an infusion component and an amazing amount of creativity and skill that went into this cocktail:


60ml Ondina Gin infused with Fennel Seeds & dried marigold⠀
20ml Basil Liqueur⠀
7.5ml  Fernet Branca
7.5ml Lustau PX Sherry ⠀
60ml Beetroot Juice (blend 8 x 1cm cubes of Beetroot, 4 Blackberries, 20ml Lemon Juice, 20ml Water and fine strain)⠀
10ml Lemon Juice ⠀
20ml Rosemary Ginger Honey Syrup (1:1:0.5 cups Raw cane sugar to water to acacia honey, 3 slices of fresh ginger and 3 sprigs of rosemary, add the honey in when you take syrup of the heat, leave to infuse for 30mins before straining)⠀
#MsBettersBitters Miraculous Foamer⠀

Combine all in a shaker, reverse shake, strain into a chilled coupe, the add an unbeetable garnish!⠀

The result is a drink quite earthy on the nose from the beetroot, on the palate there a deep fruity combo of blackberry and beetroot, the sweet almost stem ginger taste cuts through with a complex pepper, herb and honeyed finish. A pretty unique taste, funky yet very quaffable!⠀

The garnish inspired this drink yet nearly spilt it, it’s a fine balancing act where in this case I’d prefer the beet to drop it’s flavours and not itself!⠀


  • Karen said:

    Hi! Now that I’ve made ‘The Colorful’ gin recipe, what are some recipe drinks that I can make with it?
    Couldn’t find any recipes on your website!
    Thank you, Karen Restelli

    May 21, 2020

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