Do Your Gin Cacao by Cocomo Chocolates

This recipe is brought to you by Dani and Karolina from Cocomo Chocolates. Follow us on Instagram at @cocomo_chocolates

We make our own DIY hand-made chocolate kits and workshops here in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

When we saw what our friends at Do Your Gin were making we knew there was a way to spread all the goodness of cacao infusing into gin too. 

We used a pure blend of juniper berries and cacao! We made sure to first infuse the gin and juniper berries together for the first 24 hours, then add the cacao for the second wave of infusion. We have our own source of Organic Fair Trade Ecuadorian Cacao that we ground up in a coffee grinder, then infused those for another 12 hours. Then... cacao gin is ready!

Watch our video here:

Chocolate Cacao Gin by Cocomo Chocolates from Do Your Gin on Vimeo.


- Thank you! With love from Dani and Karolina. 

 Dani and Karolina from Cocomo Chocolates


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