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Juniper Berries

Juniperus communis

Flavor: the soul of every gin

If there's no juniper berries - then it's not gin! Juniper berries aren't actually berries at all, they are like the "pinecones" of the juniper tree and they are full of wonderful coniferous flavors. They are used throughout European cuisine to give seasoning for meat dishes. The name "gin" actually comes from the French "genièvre" and Dutch "jenever", both of which are names for juniper. In traditional medicine, juniper berries were used for female birth control.

Cubeb Pepper
Coriander Seeds
Green Cardamom
Pink Pepper
Orange Peel
Hibiscus Flowers
Lavender Flowers

Make gin at home that is better than what you can buy at the store.

Gin was invented as a botanical-rich healing remedy hundreds of years ago. Most gin brands that are sold in your budget at the local liquor store simply do not have the floral taste that initially made gin famous.

Easy enough for anyone to learn in an evening.

Just open up the kit and get right into it. We removed all of the complicated parts of alcohol infusion and give you the essentials to start up your new hobby.

Your gateway into specialty cocktails.

Ever wonder how you could get your drinks at home tasting like the ones at the classy bar? Here's the secret... it's not what you add to the gin, but the way it's crafted makes the difference.

Once you get tipsy enough you may start to wonder which ingredients you already have at home that would be perfect to infuse in your gin...

Become a mixologist in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Select your recipe and botanicals

Each kit includes 4 recipies for you to choose from where you can select the flavour profile you want. If you want to have a little extra fun, break the rules a little bit and go heavy on the orange peels or lavender.

Step 2: Infuse your botanicals

Mix the botanicals with your base alcohol, shake and seal it up and let sit for 24 hours. When a day goes by you can filter out the spices and you are left with your delicious custom gin.

Step 3: Craft a fun cocktail

Now that you have your special home-made gin, you can make your favourite Gin & Tonic, Negroni or Martini. Your drink will have a personality like no other!

Video: Watch Viki and Becky make gin